Sunday, November 18, 2012

Under suspicion

Scottish identical twin sisters, the Mulgray Twins, have written a series of books about D J Smith (an under cover customs officer) and her cat, Gorgonzola. In this second book in the series D J (Deborah) and Gorgonzola are working in Tenerife to discover how Ambrose Vanheussen runs his money-laundering operation. When in her collar and harness Gorgonzola has the ability to discover drugs missed by trained sniffer dogs. D J works undercover in Vanheussen's organisation where her role is to entertain prospective purchasers of luxury houses. The operation turns out to be a dangerous one not just for DJ and the other customs officers but also for Gorgonzola. This quirky crime novel is an entertaining read and you can imagine the two sisters having fun working out the next plot installment.

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