Saturday, July 5, 2008

RHSV podcasts now online

On 30 May the RHSV podcast pages were connected to the RHSV website. Initially four podcasts were included with a fifth added shortly afterwards - RHSV Podcasts.

The first podcasts made available online were RHSV lectures. A walking tour guide is also being prepared.

The talks were recorded using a clip on microphone connected to a small digital recorder. The files were edited in Audacity, saved as MP3 files and further compressed using MP3Tweak. Realising that many of the members live in country areas without broadband it is necessary to keep the files as small as possible.

An RSS button is provided enabling users wanting to use RSS to cut and paste the URL into their podcast or feed-reading software.

A Help page providing basic information about podcasts is provided.

Users can listen to audio files directly online or download the audio file to listen to on their computer or protable digital player.

Undertaking this project was a challenge and to some extent trial and error until a system was devised that appears to work on the most commonly used browsers.

A record of the project was recorded in the Information technology and local history blog.