Friday, November 16, 2012


On November 4, 1910 an explosion occurred in an engine of Qantas flight QF32 on route from Singapore to Sydney. Despite the Airbus 380 experiencing multiple malfunctions, the experienced crew managed to land the plane safely at Changi Airport, Singapore. The captain of that flight, Captain Richard de Crespigny, provides a vivid account of the events on that day explaining how the crew functioned as a team to fly and land the aircraft safely as well as the challenge of looking after the passengers and keeping them informed as what was occurring. The first half of the book provides information about the pilot's extensive experience in aviation, at first in the RAAF and then as a commercial pilot.  A great deal of detail about aeroplanes and flying them is provided in this book which will interest those who are aeroplane enthusiasts. I skim read much of this detail but found the account of the actual disaster and how it was handled interesting to read.

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