Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Geneva Trap

An agent's car is run off the road in Switzerland. In Geneva a Russian spy approaches MI6 officers about a planned cyber attack. He only wants to speak to Liz Carlyle who works for MI5 in London. Thus begins a sequence of events that occur in Switzerland, England and France as attempts are made to uncover the threat to a British - American joint project and also to foil an attempt to disrupt a G20 meeting in France. Stella Rimington worked for MI5 and was appointed Director General in 1992. This is the seventh book in her Liz Carlyle series. The plot is fast moving with plenty of suspense as the reader follows the work of Liz and her colleagues as they locate the source of the invasion of a supposedly secure computer network resulting in a threat to a major defence initiative. Liz's resources are also involved in helping the daughter of a friend who is in danger. A great read.

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