Monday, April 13, 2009

The girl who played with fire

The sequel by Steig Larrson to his book, The girl with the dragon tattoo. Mikael Blomvist and the staff of Millennium magazine are approached with the offer to publish a book exposing the sex trafficking industry. Dag Svensson, the author, was prepared to have the book thoroughly edited and investigated by Blomvist and was also to write articles for Millennnium. His partner, Mia Johansson, had recently completed a thesis on the topic.

Lisbeth Salander had been overseas for a year but when she returned to Sweden she decided to settle old scores with people who had tormented her in the past, especially her guardian, Nils Bjuman. When the gun used to shoot Bjurman, Svensson and Johansson is discovered with her fingerprints on it, she becomes a major suspect in three murders. Lisabeth is determined to find the truth and also discover the whereabouts of the elusive Zalachenko and Niedermann. She insists on working alone but her friends including Blomvist, Armansky and Palmgren all attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the life of Lisabeth.

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