Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A collector's year

Adrian Franklin, one of the panellists on the the ABC1 television program, The Collectors, has written a book relating to collecting adventures undertaken during a year. Each chapter covers a month in the life of this collector and the sections within each chapter provide a brief introduction to collecting on a wide range of themes. Travel souvenirs, postcards, Australiana, major sporting events, recipe books, snow domes, tiles, fishing books, cricket memorabilia, barometers, watches, Tupperware, baranalia and perfume bottles are some of the topics covered as well as St Valentine's Day, Easter and Christmas. A visit to the Antiques Roadshow in England is also described. Adrian Franklin also looks at the difference between hoarding and collecting, as well as the bargains to be discovered op shopping and at car boot sales. Well illustrated, this a book to dip into if you are interested in collecting anything.

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