Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dead line

Stella Rimington, former Director General of MI5, has written a series of books about MI5 agent, Liz Carlyle, the most recent being Dead line.
When a conference to discuss peace in the Middle East is to be held at Gleneagles in Scotland all the security services are called in to ensure that nothing disrupts the proceedings. MI6 are alerted to a plan to cause trouble and have the Syrians blamed. A former employee of MI5 contacts Liz as she is concerned about a staff member from the Israeli Embassy who has shown interest in her mother - in - law. Shortly afterwards an attempt is made on the life of Liz Carlyle causing her to spend time in hospital. As investigations continue questions are raised as to possible under handed methods occurring in security services of other countries.

The action centres in London, Scotland, Cyprus, USA and the Middle East as Liz and her colleagues strive to find out what the possible danger is, who is responsible and how to stop it from happening.

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