Monday, October 29, 2007

Zoho Writer

The online options in this Library 2.0 project continue. At first glance Zoho Writer seems have the major features required for creating word documents -

  • general formatting,
  • ability to add images,
  • add lists and
  • insert tables.

Tags are used instead of folders but this also means that a document can be stored in more than one place. If a tag contains more than one word inverted commas must be used to enclose the phrase.

Other Zoho applications such as

  • Zoho Sheet - a spreadsheet tool or
  • Zoho Show - a tool for slideshows

can be embedded.

The document can also be worked on offline which would be an advantage when the Internet connection is slow or unpredictable.

The information in the document can also be posted to a blog which I am attempting to do now.

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