Saturday, October 13, 2007

#11 LibraryThing

An easy way to keep a record of books read and to categorise them. It was pleasing not to have to fill in a form to open another account but just provide a user name and password. I particularly liked the option of being able to select the cover for the book record and not have to use the default (usually American) cover. Being able to choose additional catalogues from which to choose items apart from Amazon and Library of Congress is also useful (though the selection of organisations is limited).

I was unable to locate a recent British publication which I read from our library last month so there is obviously a time delay in books (or just non-American books) appearing.

All in all an easy tool to use. Being able to provide your own summary of the item is useful, though I have not had time to do that yet. The ability to join subject blogs and also to view list of other readers with similar interests could be a good way to discover new titles and authors and, if time permitted, allow for extending interest in, and discussion of, a particular genre or group of books.

Adding the script for placing the search mechanism for the library created to a blog was also not difficult and adds to the usefulness of the tool.

I look forward to adding summaries of books I have enjoyed reading and adding additional titles to the list as time permits.

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