Monday, October 22, 2007

#13 Tagging, folksomonies & social bookmarking in

Having the ability to select and group often used websites as provided by provides another useful tool for organising online resources.

Although the site is realtively easy to use it can also be clumsy, especially when you want to access it from different computers with different operating systems. I originally used it on a computer using Firefox but when I tried to place the buttons on the toolbar of my laptop using Windows Explorer, the FAQ suggested going to the stage 2 of Registration (resulting in having to create a different account). Both times when I registered I did not automatically receive the confirmation email until I went into settings and requested that it should be resent.

I have since found some instructions via the about link (very small print at the bottom of the page which I will try again tonight.

As an exercise I exported the bookmarks from the first account and imported them into the second account - this worked well but each of the sites in the second account is marked as not shared (I must have missed a step).

There is also an option for changing tags collectively which I tried and it said it worked but the tag I altered did not change until I edited each record individually.

Despite the frustrations this could be a useful tool for collecting and sharing urls. The ability to add tag rolls and link rolls to a blog or website would be a useful addition for websites on a specific topic.

Definitely worth exploring more when I am able to get the buttons on the main computers that I use.

I added a tag roll (including network badge) to the blog - getting quite a collection of resources there now. Once the code for the tag roll has been added to a site it automatically updates as new sites and tags are added to

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