Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Nightingale before Christmas

Each year Caerphilly seems to have a variety of festivals. This time it is the Caerphilly Designer Show House competition where a number of designers each have a room of a house to decorate before the house is open to the public during the Christmas festivities. Money raised during the Open House is designated for the Caerphilly Historical Society. Meg's mother has one room to  decorate while Meg is the on-site co-ordinator of the project. What could go wrong at such a busy time of the year apart from murder and attempts to destroy some of the show rooms. As well as trying to find time to attend other Christmas activities in the town Meg works overtime assisting the police with their investigations as well as trying to establish the motives for the murder and the destruction of part of the house. Another Meg Langslow Mystery, this time with a Christmas theme.

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