Sunday, October 9, 2016

Crouching buzzard, leaping loon

Meg agrees to tend the switchboard of Mutant Wizards, where her brother's computer games are created, and handle all the office management problems that no one else bothers with. For companionship, besides a crew of eccentric techies, she has a buzzard with one wing---who she must feed frozen mice thawed in the office microwave---and Michael's mother's nightmare dog. Not to mention the psychotherapists who refuse to give up their lease on half of the office space, and whose conflicting therapies cause continuing dissension. This is not what Meg had in mind when she agreed to help her brother move his staff to new offices.
In fact, the atmosphere is so consistently loony that the office mail cart makes several passes through the reception room, with the office practical joker lying on top of it pretending to be dead, before Meg realizes that he's become the victim of someone who wasn't joking at all. He's been murdered for real.
An eccentric cast of characters are suspects for the muder investigated by Meg (and her father) in another entertaining  and amusing mystery. A Meg Langslow mystery no. 4 by Donna Andrews.

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