Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dragon Man

Dragon Man by Australian author, Garry Disher, is the first book in the Inspector Challis series and is set on the Mornington Peninsula. A young woman is found murdered after she has been raped and before investigations can really get under way, a second woman disappears. A journalist at the local paper receives messages from the murderer which she passes on to the inspector. Running parallel with this murder investigation a number of fires have been set on the peninsula along with a series of burglaries and another, possibly unrelated, murder. Allegations have also been made about the behaviour of some members of the police. Inspector Challis strives to keep the team focused on solving this series of crimes as well as resolving some of the personal conflicts encountered by members of the team. The plot focuses on a number of the police investigating the crimes as well as several of the perpetrators. Readers therefore gain an insight into the characters of a number of the major players in the novel as they try to work out who committed the crimes.

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