Sunday, February 27, 2011

Greetings from somewhere else

The book, by Monica McInerney, was published with the title, Spin the bottle, in the UK and as Greetings from somewhere else in the USA, just to confuse readers.

Lainey Byrne is an events manager used to organising people including her family and friends. When her Aunt May dies leaving the family a bed and breakfast establishment in Ireland the family is thrilled until they realise that a family member from Australia must live at the house in Ireland for 12 months before the building can be sold. Lainey is the designated family member to leave her job and boyfriend, Adam, in order for the family to claim their inheritance.

In Ireland she meets Rohan an old school friend who had been injured when when playing Spin the Bottle when they were teenagers. Rohan assists her in her new endeavours. Lainey must not only re-establish the run down business left to her by her aunt but also resolve her feelings regarding Rohan and Adam. Her Irish friends, Eva and Joseph, also help her but as she faces new challenges Lainey begins to understand herself better and during her excile gradually learns that other people also need to have the opportunity to make decisions.

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