Sunday, February 6, 2011

At home with the Templetons

Monica McInerney is an Australian author married to an Irishman and the setting for her books often involve those two countries. The action in this novel initially occurs outside Castlemaine in Victoria before characters move to other countries including England. In this family drama the Templeton family move to Victoria from England to claim a family home that they name Tempeton Hall and open regularly to the public. But who the Templetons really are and why they suddenly appeared in Australia is gradually revealed via the interaction of family members and also with their relationship with neighbour, Nina Donovan, and her son Tom. This really is a book about relationships within families as well as the relationship between Gracie Templeton and Tom Donovan.

Readers who enjoy the stories of Maeve Binchey and Di Morrissey will enjoy this book. I certainly plan to read more books by Monica McInerney.

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