Sunday, September 27, 2009


Port Douglas - sun, sand and restaurants. The most difficult decision when staying in Port Douglas is deciding where to have dinner as the town abounds with quality restaurants. After three visits to Port Douglas we have visited a number of restaurants but there are still many more we have yet to visit including Salsa Bar & Grill in Wharf Street.

Recipes for many of the dishes served at Salsa are now available in the recently published book, Salsa (2009). Starters, soups and salads, Mains, Sides, stocks and dressings, Breads, Desserts, Cocktails are included in this well illustrated book. Interspersed between each section are images of Port Douglas to add to the tropical atmosphere of the book. Many of the recipes focus naturally on the use of seafood but there are also recipes using beef, chicken and lamb with a few vegetarian selections. Recommended for a selection of interesting recipes and for a taste of the tropics.

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