Thursday, September 10, 2009

The night my bum dropped

This book by comedian, author, television presenter and newspaper columnist, Gretel Killeen, is subtitled - a gleefully exaggerated memoir. The note at the front of the book reads - None of the character depicted here are based on real life. This especially applies to any persons referred to as 'my mum', 'my dad', 'my brothers', 'my sisters', 'my siblings', 'my son', 'my daughter', 'my children' or 'my friends' ... and to the character referred to here in as 'me', 'I', 'myself' or 'Gretel'.

Basically the book is an amusing, exaggerated account of someone facing a mid-life crisis revolving around being a mother, losing a job and horror of horrors, aging. In order to find solutions to her problems 'Gretel' turns to 'family' and 'friends' for usually unhelpful advice. Sections of the book have previously been published in articles.

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