Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Little Paris Bookshop

Jean Perdue owns a "literary apothecary" - a barge fitted out as a book shop moored in Paris on the River Seine. Jean has the gift of being able to share the right book for each customer and has regular customers who purchase books from him.

When Catherine moves into his apartment block, memories of a lost love are stirred up resulting in Jean and Max, an author with writer's block, sailing along rivers and canals to Provence where Jean can come to terms with the past. Along the way they meet Cuneo and Samy who join them for part of the trip.

Like, The Little Breton Bistro, this is a book about relationships plus regrets about what may have been done differently. The descriptions of the scenery they pass on the rivers and canals is realistically described providing a glimpse of life in the French countryside. The last section of the book is set in Provence where the scenery and food is vividly described.

Another enjoyable book from Nina George.

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