Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ireland and the First World War

A photographic history compiled by Cormac O Comhrai. The experience of Irish involvement in World War I was further complicated by the increased drive for the country to become a republic, particularly the Easter Rising of 1916. The photographs and pictorial newspaper items and posters are used to portray this conflicted period of Irish history. Many joined the British Army while others took the opportunity to fight for their cause at home. Sections of the book include Ireland before the war, the outbreak of war, a soldier's life, impact of the war domestically, towards victory and aftermath.

Many books have been written about this period of Irish history and in 2016 I listed some of these books in another post, Ireland - Easter Rising 1916. For anyone interested in reading more about this topic, Ireland and the First World War, would be a good book to provide an introduction to the subject.

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