Sunday, August 13, 2017

The North Water

This has been described as a dark book and it is.

I only read this novel by Ian McGuire as I received notification that it was the book to be discussed in the Read with Raf book club on ABC Melbourne radio  for July. Out of interest I decided to borrow a copy from the library.

I almost gave up reading it on several occasions but did end up finishing the novel. The beginning, in particular, is heavy going as the main characters are introduced. I found it difficult to like any of them. However as the story unfolded I did become involved in the story about the the exploits of members of a whaling ship in the Arctic and their fight for survival when disaster strikes.I suspect that, in general, this may be a book that is enjoyed more by male readers.

Review in The Guardian 19 February 2016

Review in The New York Times 11 April 2016

Read with Raf review (audio file) July 2017

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