Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lord of the Wings

Donna Andrews continues her series of books with bird themed titles with Lord of the Wings, the nineteenth in the Meg Langslow Mystery series. This is another tale of the lives of the people of Caerphilly who this time have decided to hold a week long Halloween Festival. For once the town has hired a festival organiser to run the activities while Meg is in charge of the Visitor Relations and Police Liaison Patrol, known to the locals as the Goblin Patrol. However as the festival begins more responsibility seems to be thrown Meg's way.

Strange events begin to occur in the town and it is soon disclosed that a scavenger hunt is being undertaken by some of the visitors. Then a body is found in the woods. As well as the need to discover the murderer there are a number of other matters to resolve to ensure the safety of the Festival visitors as well as the success of the Festival. As usual Meg's family rally around to to help, often in their own unique way. An enjoyable light summer read.

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