Thursday, September 18, 2014

Everything I need to know I learned from a Little Golden Book

For many generations young children were read to and later read titles published by Golden Books. I vividly remember The Big Brown Bear (originally published 1944) about a bear who is warned by his wife to stay away from the bees but of course tries to get honey from the hive and ends up being chased by the bees. Badly stung, he takes refuge in the river and catches a fish for dinner.
The first Golden Books were published in 1942 and cost 25c making the purchase of these books accessible for most families. Approximately 600 titles were published over the years and many are sought after by collectors.

Everything I need to know I learned from a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow provides a collection of sayings or comments on modern life illustrated with pages from Golden Books.

Examples include:
Get some exercise every day - with illustration of animals exercising from the book Animal Gym (1956)
Turn off the TV from time to time - with illustration from the Naughty Bunny (1959)
Use your imagination - with illustration from Nurse Nancy (1952)
Let your children know you love them - with illustration from Baby Dear (1962)
Go fly a kite - with illustration from Chicken Little (1960)
but remember to stop and smell the strawberries - with illustration from Poky Little Puppy (1942)

It is all good fun and the illustrations bring back lots of memories even though Big Brown Bear is not included.

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