Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Duck the halls

Another of Donna Andrews' fun novels featuring Meg Langslow and her large extended family. Christmas celebrations are well underway in Caerphilly until someone releases a number of skunks in the local Baptist Church. As a result Meg is summoned to help find locations for Baptist Church events within the other churches in Caerphilly until all evidence of the skunks' visit has been removed. However when the Baptist Church choir holds a concert at Trinity Episcopalian Church, a large snake emerges from one of the decorations causing a break in proceedings until the snake is removed. Over the next few days various other animal related incidents occur creating uncertainty in the town, however when the fire brigade is called to a fire in the basement of Trinity Church and the body of a church member is also discovered in the basement the citizens of Caerphilly become concerned. Apart from the fire and the murder there are suspicions about the real identity of the Baptist Church choir master and what has happened to the goods left to the Trinity Church as part of Mrs Thornfield's Estate? Also, will Meg and Michael and their sons be able to enjoy a traditional Christmas meal together?

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