Thursday, January 9, 2014

The real macaw

The real macaw is the thirteenth book in the Meg Langslow series of books by Donna Andrews. Meg wakes one morning to the sound of animals that appear to be in her house. Going downstairs she discovers a collection of animals from the local animal shelter that her grandfather and father have'rescued' and brought to her home for temporary protection. A short time later it is discovered that one of their colleagues has been murdered. To add to the complexities of life the town is facing final difficulties and many of the public buildings are about to be taken over by a financial company. Meg also discovers that a number of properties in the area may be forcibly acquired and sold. As the mother of two four month old twins Meg does not really need these additional challenges but with the help of numerous family members and friends at least some of the mysteries can be resolved.

Although it is not essential to read the books in order the later titles do contain a continuing story.  I read this title out of sequence and now have the answers to events that occurred in the next two books in the series. The wide range of characters in the Meg Langslow books always provide an entertaining read.

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