Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Like it Hawk

Continuing the theme of birds in the titles, Some Like it Hawk, is the 14th title in the Meg Langslow series written by Donna Andrews. Meg has been charged with organising the entertainment for a festival, Caerphilly Days, organised to help raise funds for the town bankrupted by a previous administration. All public buildings have been closed but the town clerk has barricaded himself in the courthouse basement with the town's archives. A small number of townspeople know about the secret tunnel used to provide fresh supplies to the town clerk. When during the festival a woman working for the 'Evil Lender', the firm attempting to purchase buildings and properties in the area, is murdered outside the barricade initial suspicion falls upon the town clerk. However most of the townspeople know this is not the case and work with Meg to find the real murderer. As with all books in this series there is a large cast of eccentric characters, primarily members of Meg's family. A relaxing book to read in the shade outside on a warm spring day.

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