Sunday, August 11, 2013

I take you

The August book in  Read with Raf on 774 is Nikki Gemmell's latest book, I take you.
In 2003 Nikki Gemmell's book, The bride stripped bare,was published causing a stir among many readers (and possibly non-readers) of the book. In 2011 the companion volume of erotic fiction,  With my body, was published and the third book, I take you, was published this year.

Connie has been married for four years but two years into her marriage her husband has an accident resulting in him being confined to a wheelchair. Cliff is a successful banker and Connie in reality is his trophy wife expected to be at his beck and call in return for almost anything money can buy including living in an expensive five storey house in Notting Hill with access to an exclusive garden available only to residents. Although this is a loveless marriage there is much experimentation with sexual practices as Connie is submissive to her husband's demands and the requirement to be 'the good wife'. Eventually, however, Cliff goes too far and Connie decides to strive for independence and the opportunity to live her own life.

The first twelve chapter of the book contain graphic sexual imagery as the author portrays the extent of power that Cliff has over his wife. The story then runs parallel to the plot of Lady Chatterley's lover when Connie develops a relationship with the gardener, Mel. Excerpts from the writing of Virginia Woolf precede each chapter. With Mel Connie discovers a tender lover and she must decide whether to stay with Cliff and live in luxury or give it all up and start a new life.

This is not really my style of book however I found it relatively easy to read once I completed the initial chapters. Since 2011 the three volumes of the Fifty shades of grey trilogy have hit the headlines as being books of erotic romance. I think that it is interesting that although the cover of the copy of  I take you that I read is bright orange and blue with a drawing of the heroine on the cover, other editions have been published with a grey cover picturing a small locket - perhaps, in some countries, cashing in on the popularity of the E L James books?

Article about the book by the author in The Independent 11 August 2013.

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