Monday, January 14, 2013

Blaze of glory

A SteamPunk afternoon was held at Nunawading Library in December and the guest speaker was Michael Pryor, author of the Laws of Magic series. The opening sentences of Blaze of glory read - 'Aubrey Fitzwilliam hated being dead. It made things harder than they needed to be.'  Aubrey has advanced magical skills which he needs when he and his friends, George and Caroline, attempt to uncover the source of the dark magical power threatening the kingdom of Albion. Aubrey's father is campaigning to regain the position of Prime Minister of the kingdom as it faces the threat of war with a neighboring kingdom. Throughout the book there are parallels with early twentieth England with technology, suffragettes, threat of war plus lots of magic. Other titles in the series are Heart of gold, Word of honour, Time of trial, Moment of truth and Hour of need.  Visit the author's website for more detailed information about Blaze of glory.

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