Monday, October 1, 2012


Morris Gleitzman's novels for teenagers, Once, Then and Now, recounted the story of Felix, a young Jewish boy from Poland, who survived the terrors of the holocaust to eventually arrive in Australia. The fourth novel, After, is set at the end of the Second World War. Felix is now 13 and has been looked after by Gabriek for two years, hidden in a hole beneath the barn. When the farmhouse is destroyed by the Nazis Felix and Gabriek join the partisans who operate from the nearby forest. The story follows their existence in this new environment and also describes events that occur towards the end of the war as the Nazis realise that defeat is near.

These books are works of fiction but are based on events that occurred during World War II. On his website Morris Gleitzman includes information providing a background to the writing of the novels and also references for further reading - Once, Then Now - the real life stories.

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