Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mini Shopaholic

This is the sixth title in Sophie Kinsella's shopaholic series. Becky Brandon is a 29 year old mother with a two year old daughter, Minnie. Becky loves shopping but when the Global Financial Crises hits London even Becky realises that she needs to restrict her purchases - not an easy task. Becky, Minnie and Luke are living with Becky's parents until they take possession of their new home - which should be soon. Being a parent can also be a challenge especially as Minnie is proving to be a  determined young lady whose favourite word is Mine so Becky and Luke decide to enlist someprofessional  guidance in bringing up their daughter. Becky also decides to organise a surprise birthday party with all the bells and whistles for her husband - on a budget of course. Needless to say many complications arise on all these fronts resulting in an amusing tale of mayhem until all is resolved.

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