Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Shining City

Book two in the series Rhiannon's ride by Kate Forsyth. Arriving at the Shining City Rhiannon is taken to the Sorrowgate Tower where she is to await trial for the death of Connor, a trusted member of the Righ's guard. Meanwhile Lewen and the other apprentice witches attend classes at the Tower of the Two Moons.

All is not well in the Shining City. Rhiannon is visited in her cell by a ghost wanting her to help raise the dead, Olwynne and a number of other witches experience sinister dreams and the death of a senior witch diminishes the spell binding a threat to the kingdom. Two of the Righ's children, Owein and Olwynne, are fellow students with and friends of Lewen but when Olwynne realises that Lewen loves Rhiannon she uses a love spell to secure his love. Although Rhiannon's support base in the city grows the forces working against her ensure that she does not receive a fair trail. During the Mid Summer celebrations the Righ's son is to wed Bronwen primarily to secure the stability of peace between the many groups previously at war, however when the Righ is killed and his children and Nina's son Roden disappear it is obvious that evil forces abound. Isabeau the Keybearer sets out to destroy one source of evil while Rhiannon and her winged horse, Blackthorn set out to rescue Owein, Olwnne and Roden.

The intrigue within the city walls constitutes much of the first half of the book but once the actual trial takes place the action of the story moves up a pace leaving the reader wanting to read the conclusion of Rhiannon's Ride in book three.

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