Friday, April 22, 2011

Upside down inside out

When Eva Kennedy has the chance to visit her friend Lainey in Australia she does not realise how much this holiday will change her life. Eva exchanged studies at Art School and singing with a cover band  to work in her Uncle's Dublin delicatessen. Before leaving for Australia her uncle told of his plans to retire and that he wanted her to take over the business. She could think about it on her holidays. Joseph Wheeler, a successful London designer and businessman, is also in Australia to attend a conference followed by a holiday. His life is also dramatically changed by his Australian adventure.

Lainey decides to boost her friend's self esteem by creating a new identity for her when they attend a party but the story grows and Eva is left wondering if people accept her because of who she is or because of who people think she is. When Joe is mistaken as a backpacker he also lets the story run.As the relationship between Eva and Joe develops, when and how should the truth be disclosed.

Monica McInerney has written an amusing story of love and honesty and the need for discovering the what a person realy wants to do with their life.

The look is separate from but connected to two other books by Monica McInerney - A taste for it when the Eva and Joe visit the Lorikeet Winery and Spin the bottle (Greetings from somewhere else) where the story of Lainey, Adam, Eva and Joe continues.

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