Saturday, January 1, 2011

Judi Dench and furthermore

Actor, Judi Dench, was born in England in December 1934. This book provides her chronological account of her career recalling the many productions in which she has been involved and the people with whom she has worked.

In more recent years Judi Dench has won fame as an actor in films including Her Majesty, Mrs Brown, Shakespeare in Love and and as M in the more recent James Bond films. She has also appeared in many television plays and series including A Fine Romance, As Time Goes By and Cranford. But most of her professional life has been spent performing on the stage with theatre companies such as The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Old Vic Company and The National Theatre Company.

The book provides a who's who in British theatre as well as insights into the challenges of staging productions. Photographs from productions in which Dame Judi Dench has performed illustrate the book. There is also a chronology of the parts that she has played in the theatre, television and film plus a list of awards she has won. An interesting account of an incredible career from 1957 until 2010 when the book was written.

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