Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dead man's chest

This is Kerry Greenwood's eighteenth book in the Phyrne Fisher series featuring an English socialite who decides, towards the end of the 1920s, to leave London for Melbourne and dabble at solving mysteries, particularly murders. The adventures of the uninhibited, independently wealthy, Miss Fisher take her to different parts of Victoria which form the backgound to the mysteries she encounters.

In Dead man's chest, while renovations are being made to her St Kilda home, Phryne and party journey to Queenscliff for a holiday.  On arrival they discover that the staff of the house where they are staying have disappeared, encounter three unruly teenagers next door and a group of Surrealists inhabiting the other neighbouring property. Phryne, her maid and companion, Dot, and her adopted daughters, Jane and Ruth all contribute to solving the mysteries they encounter, find some treasure and enjoy their sojourn from city life.

These entertaining books provide an insite into life in Victoria in the 1920s as well providing a mystery or two to resolve and enjoy.

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