Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wicked Appetite

Wicked Appetite, the sequel to Plum Spooky, has Diesel still hunting his cousin Wulf but the action has now moved to Salem where Diesel conscripts Lizzy Tucker, a pastry chef from Dazzle's Bakery, to help him. Lizzy is only one of two people with the power to recognise the four charms that combine to locate one of the Stones of the Seven Deadly Sins. Diesel has to stop Wulf acquiring the stones. Unfortunately the charms that relate to the Gluttony Stone transfer, once located, an addiction to the person in contact with them.

As usual there is an array of unusual characters including Glo who works at the bakery and believes that she can cast spells, Hatchet who believes that he is a medieval knight, Cat 7143 who may have special powers and the reappearance of Carl the monkey.

As in previous Evanovich books buildings are destroyed, cars are rendered undriveable and the normal mayhem ocurs. By the end of the book one Stone has been recovered - no doubt there will be additional Diesel adventures to follow.

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