Friday, July 23, 2010

Bean's Gallipoli

The diaries of Australia's official war correspondent edited and annotated by Kevin Fewster

In Australia there is increasing interest in the Anzacs and Gallipoli which will only increase with centenary of the event only a few years away. The edited copy of the diary kept by Australia's official war correspondent, C E W Bean, with photographs provides an insight into the events leading up to the landing of the Australian and New Zealand troops on the 25th April 1915 until their evacuation in December 1915. Included are brief biographical notes of men mentioned in the diaries.

The diaries and notes of the war experiences of C E W Bean can be located on the Australian War Memorial website.

Digitised images of selected war diaries are also located on the website.

The official history of the First World War written by C E W Bean is also now available online.

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