Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Excuses!

Steve Willis is the Commando. Those who watch The Biggest Loser (Australia) will all know the Commando and the tough workouts he provides for the contestants in his charge. In No Excuses! Steve Willis briefly tells his life story and his philosophy of life. After leaving the army (Special Forces) Steve became a personal trainer, eventually running a fitness business, and also trained as a CrossFit athlete participating in the 2009 International Crossfit Games. Articles written by former Biggest Loser contestants are interspersed throughout the book. The final chapters contain information about CrossFit plus examples of how to lift weights. His food diary on page 145 caused a few comments from members of my family. No excuses! provides an interesting insight into the man of steel with the sunglasses and tatts who makes the bravest contestants quaver when they realise that they are to have a session with the Commando.

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