Saturday, February 20, 2010

75 years of the Australian Women's Weekly: memories and great moments from Australia's most loved magazine

I have memories, when a child, of being asked to go to the newsagent to purchase a copy of the Australian Women's Weekly for my mother. I think the prince was 9d at the time. It was the one magazine she had to have each week.

The first issue of the Australian Women's Weekly was published in June 1933. The aim of the publication, published in black and white, was to provide articles covering the latest news, fashion, fiction, social issues and food. At the end of 1935 my grandfather, R J H Moses, left Smith's Weekly to join the editorial staff of the Australian Women's Weekly before becoming consultant editor of the new newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, in 1936.

Since December 1982 the Australian Women's Weekly has been issued as a monthly but continues as one of the most popular publications for women in Australia. This 75 year tribute to the Weekly provides an overview on the the themes that have been a major part of the publication but concentrates on events and people of more recent years. Themes include people, beautiful Australia, news stories, war, the Royals, women, fashion, the family, travel, food, the home and Christmas. There are also chapters on some of the former staff of the Weekly.

Flicking through the pages of this book provides a glimpse into the recent (non- teenage) popular culture of Australia including photographs and articles about people involved in sport, television, film and fashion. Fortunately examples of articles from earlier editions of the magazine can be found in the side bar of some pages.

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