Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art Deco in Australia: sunrise over the Pacific

Edited by Mark Ferson and Mary Nilsson, Art Deco in Australia, is a series of articles with photographs covering features of the art deco movement including architecture (houses, public buddings and cinema), furniture, jewellery, pottery and art, fashion, household items, bookplates and book design and transport. Although many of the examples are from New South Wales there are also specific chapters on art deco in Western Australia, Victoria, Adelaide and Queensland. Each article is accompanied by copious photographs of the examples being described. A good introduction to the influence of art deco in this country.

Modern Times is another book on this topic.

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David Thompson said...

This is a great book on Australian Art Deco. There is also A Spirit of Progress - Art Deco Architecture in Australia by Roy Lumby & Patrick Van Daele and also Melbourne Art Deco by Robin Grow who used lots of my photos to show off some of Melbourne's best Art Deco buildings.