Sunday, December 20, 2009

Six geese a-slaying

What can go wrong when organising a Christmas parade? Meg Langslow finds out when she is placed in charge of the annual Caerphilly Holiday Parade with the theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Needless to say Meg's large unconventional extended family is there to 'assist' and to take part in various sections of the parade. If ensuring that all the participants are in the right costumes and in their correct place is not enough, Meg faces an additional challenge when Santa is discovered murdered in his sleigh. Meg and Chief Burke face the task of solving the murder and also the parade.

Another amusing crime told by Donna Andrews with a large cast of zany characters, part of the series of books with birds in the title including Murder with puffins, Murder with peacocks, Revenge of the wrought iron flamingos, Crouching buzzard, leaping loon, We'll always have parrots, Owls well that ends well, No nest for the wicket, The penguin who knew too much, and Cockatiels at seven. Yes there is a bird theme going in the titles of these books.

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