Sunday, November 8, 2009

The lost Mona Lisa: the extraordinary true story of the greatest art theft in history

In August 1911 the painting, the Mona Lisa, disappeared from its gallery in Le Louvre. The theft of the painting became an international story and was a great source of embarrassment for the French. How could anyone walk into a gallery and steal one of the most famous works of art.

In December 1913 the painting was returned. When it was offered to a Florence art dealer for a large sum of money the police were informed and the Italian who had stolen and kept the painting in his rooms for more than two years was arrested and later tried for the theft of the painting.

The book examines how the painting was stolen as well as the many theories as to why the painting was stolen. Unfortunately proof that any of these theories is correct has not been found however the book provides an insight into the furor caused by the theft of the painting and the changes that have since occurred to keep this and other paintings safe. The Mona Lisa now has two guards watching over her in her bullet proof case which is securely attached to the wall of her own galley in Le Louvre. An intriguing account of an international art theft.

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