Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finger Lickin' Fifteen

Another Stephanie Plum novel, this time evolving around the decapitation of celebrity chef, Stanley Chipotle, witnessed by Lula. Much of the story involves Lula trying to keep out of the path of the decapitators as she devises a plan to lead to their capture, in order to collect the reward, by entering a barbecue sauce making competition. With Grandma Mazur as an accomplice chaos ensues as they experiment with recipes. Meanwhile Stephanie agrees to work part-time for Ranger to help find out who has been trying to sabotage Ranger's security service while Ranger agrees to help Stephanie bring in some of the more difficult bail absconders on her list. As well as the usual destruction of vehicles Stephanie manages to become, at various times, covered with flour, sauce and other foodstuffs, much to the amusement of Ranger and Joe Morelli.

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