Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Bones

In Bare bones Dr Temperance Brennan's beach holiday planned with Andrew Ryan is put on hold as she endeavours to discover the identity of a number of bodies including two men found in a crashed Cessna plus the head and hands of person found in two bags containing bear and bird carcases and a headless skeleton in a disused toilet pit. As she investigates threats against her are made via email by someone calling himself the Grim Reaper. More bodies are located, attempts are made on the lives of people following up leads in the case and as the investigation develops it becomes obvious that apparently separate deaths are linked and in crimes involving smuggling drugs and animal parts.

A decomposed body is found in a cupboard and Tempe Brennan is asked to investigate cause of death. At the laboratory a mysterious man shows her a photograph of a skeleton and says that is why the man died. The investigations lead Tempe and Detective Andrew Ryan to travel to Israel to return a skeleton excavated from a cave, the bones possibly being 2,000 years old. The adventure in Cross bones includes exploring caves and finding additional bones which may or may not belong to the Holy Family. Danger stalks Tempe and Ryan as other people also try to gain access to the mystery bones.

Tempe Brennan is supervising a field trip on an island, Dewees, north of Charleston in South Carolina. In the final days of the archaeological dig a recently buried body is found in a shallow grave. Tempe is asked by the Coroner, Emma Rousseau who is also a friend, to assist with the case. When Tempe discovers that Emma is ill she tries to help her friend by taking on an increased workload. During the investigation other bodies are discovered and links between the seemingly unconnected deaths are developed. Tempe's life becomes complicated when her estranged husband, Pete, and Detective Andrew Ryan both advise her that they are coming to Charleston to visit and stay with her. Tempe receives threats, which she ignores, trying to get her to drop her investigation and then one evening Pete is shot. Pete is working for a client in Charleston and his investigation links to the case Tempe is investigating. Was the shot meant for him or for Tempe? Kathy Reich's book, Break no bones, keeps the reader guessing as she unravels the plot resolving the murders and also the complications in the lives of the main characters.

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