Sunday, January 18, 2009

War of the sexes

Australian author, now living in England, Kathy Lette, entertains her predominantly female audience writing books describing the battle of the sexes within and outside marriage. Recently I have read three of her books, Dead sexy, How to kill your husband (and other handy household hints) and To love, honour and betray (till divorce do us part).

In Dead Sexy music teacher Shelley discovers that her students have entered her in reality television program where, based on computer matching, she will meet her perfect man. Substantial prize money will be provided if she and Kit Kincade decide to marry and enjoy a honeymoon on a French run African island, observed of course by a film crew for a television program. Shelley decides to take the risk but then the intrigue starts. Who really is the man she married? Why does he disappear immediately after the wedding and then insist on separate rooms on the island? With the obnoxious television crew attempting to follow her every move Shelley encounters betrayal, revolution, a cyclone and a volcanic eruption as she discovers the true story of Kit Kincade and also re-evaluates her life.

How to kill your husband follows the realtionships of three friends aged 40 + years who regularly meet to gossip and discuss their families. Cassie is a school teacher and mother and is married to a vet who does not see the need to help her with household chores. Hannah owns an art gallery and is married to a young artist who enjoys spending the money she earns. Jazz is married to a doctor well known for his medical work in Africa as well as running his practice. She does not need to work and they have a teenage son. When Jazz is accused of murdering her husband Cassie agrees to help her clear her name. The realtionships of the three women are tested in this amusing commentary men and sex and expectations in marriage.

In To love, honour and betray, Lucy, Jasper and their two daughters have moved to Australia where Jasper has a new job. Once settled at Cronulla Lucy discovers that Jasper has also brought his mistress who Lucy thought was her best friend. Lapsing into a world of self pity Lucy is determined to win Jasper back. Further complicating her life is the challenge of bringing up two daughters, one a rebellious teenager. With new friends and the attempt to win her bronze medallion she eventually regains some self respect as she attempts to sort out her life and protect her family.

Kathy Lette's are humourous chic lit providing commentary on domestic and sexual discord and concentrating on the differences between the sexes.

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