Monday, December 17, 2007

Library 2.0 continues in the real world

Last post 13 November - this blog has been neglected during the past month but I have been busy trying to complete a number of projects before the end of the year.

In "my other job at the RHSV" I now have a number of resources on the Treasures of the RHSV page including a database containing approximately 750 images of postcards. This is only a fraction of the society's postcard collection but other images will be added as the postcards are scanned. The RHSV has more than 30,000 images in its collection so this project is the first step in allowing the public to have a glimpse of what is in the collection. A number of albums of photographs have recently been scanned - many of the images are not available elsewhere - and it is hoped to make the images available online next year.

The aim of getting our first podcast online during November has been revised to the end of January, mainly beacause the content of the podcast is still being revised. It will be a guide for a walk around parts of the western section of the CBD and West Melbourne and has been a learning exercise in preparing information for someone who does not know the area to be able to follow. It was obvious when the first draft was trialled that clearer instructions neeeded to be provided and part of the route has also been revised.

A series of photos have been taken of some of the sites included in the walk. Taking photographs in the city is a challenge. People have a knack of walking in front of the picture just as it is taken. It is amazing how many sites have some sort of construction work taking place on or near the site. The timing of the project was unfortunate as the trees have just produced a wonderful display of green leaves blocking views of buildings. Traffic is another challenge. Thank goodness for digital photography. Anyway my efforts are now on flickr and will be used in a slides show linked to the podcast page.

I have also continued experimenting with Google Maps and when the route of the walk is finalised another map showing the route of the walk will be prepared and linked to the podcast page.

So hopefully by the end of January all these components will come together to provide a useful resource. By June it is envisaged including podcasts of some of the monthly talks presented at the society on the podcast page.

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