Monday, September 24, 2007

Progress so far

The previous two posts in the blog allowed me to experiment with blog features including adding images, editing html and generally working with layouts for displaying information. Posting information on the blog is not difficult and there are interesting ways of displaying the text, especially when images are used. Although the images can be dragged and dropped into position I found it easier to use the edit html tab and then cut and paste the text to position it. I also edited some of the code - for example when urls did not always appear as hyperlinks in the Investigating flickr section.

Blogs are useful tools for sharing information, especially ongoing information, with others who may be interested. They could be a useful addition to a website for quickly providing latest information on an event or the report of an activity that you may not want to include in the formal website. The ability to comment on postings allows for interactivity in the sharing and acquiring of information.

Next step flickr....

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